Goggle V, Episode 39

Another Miki-centric episode. They’re always the best because she gets herself into a situation, then kicks ass once she gets out of it.

Deathdark tries a different approach this week. Their newest Mozu, Mimizuku Mozu, lives within a picture book about woodland animals. Mazurka gives this book away for free.


See, Mazurka can be good too!


I mean, look, it’s a book about forest animals!

Whenever the children get to the page with Mimizuku on it, they are sucked up into the book, to be locked away forever. Deathdark’s reasoning is the parents of the children will bow down and do whatever they ask.

Akane acquires one of the books for her friend Osamu, who is sick in the hospital. Upon learning that the books related to the children disappearing, Akane has Miki rush to the hospital, where she is sucked up into the book. This delights Deathdark as they reason that by burning the book, Miki will die and the team will be defeated (though they could just get a new Goggle Pink, but whatever). They throw the book into the fire of Hell itself, a fire that cannot be extinguished. To keep Miki trapped, Mimizuku traps her in a cage. Miki finally puts two and two together and figures out the picture of the owl is what traps her in the book and so destroys it and the book, thus freeing herself. She then proceeds to give Deathgiller a stern talking to about harassing innocent children. Then she kicks ass.

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Goggle V, Episode 38

Aoyama has invented a portable rocket. With it he hopes the team will be able to soar through the skies and fight Deathdark from above. You know, like every other hero that’s ever used a rocket pack of some sort since the ’30s.

Things don’t go as planned, though. Kijima volunteers to try the rocket out and it actually takes flight, but then he crashes back to Earth and berates Aoyama for failing him. Deathgiller chooses this time to walk up and laughs at the two fighting. While they bicker, he steals the rocket for the latest Mozu, Sai Mozu.

Sai Mozu is based off the rhinoceros and uses Ayoama’s rocket in his horn to cause general mayhem and destruction. Aoyama feels bad after seeing the destruction his rocket has wrought, though he really shouldn’t beat himself up as Deathdark could have built a rocket regardless.

Turns out Sai Mozu’s weakness is his horn. Without it, he’s nothing. Kijima and Aoyama patch things up and work to relieve Sai of his horn, thus becoming poachers and drawing the ire of the World Wildlife Fund.

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Goggle V, Episode 37


WKRP in Cincinnati!

Deathdark has hired the services of one Rocket J. Squirrel, here going by the alias of Musasabi Mozu, to conduct bombing raids against Japan. After first targeting Tokyo’s city center, Musasabi next sets his sights on the Port of Yokohama. However, he needs to know things such as wind direction, speed, and effects of the blast just to be able to fly.

Enter Dr. Inoue, former forecaster for the Meteorological Agency. He knows all about weather and has taught his grandson, Masaro, how to look to nature to forecast the weather.

The team is concerned by this mysterious flyer and wonder if it might be Deathdark’s doing (which, you know, when has it not been?).


Be thankful round TVs never caught on!


Fried chicken sure sounds good right about now.

Deathdark threatens the good Doctor with dropping his kid if he doesn’t comply and so he calculates the wind patterns for Yokohama. Musasabi double crosses the Doctor at the last moment and decides to use Masaro and his friends as bombs anyway. Fortunately, the team shows up just in time to save the day!



So, I noticed a grammatical error back in the previous episode. Chalk it up to trying to get that one out before the storm rolled in, which, thankfully, it went around. Prayers to those affected, though.

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Goggle V, Episode 36

In every series, there’s a good episode and a bad episode. Today’s episode is one of the former. No kids in danger this week, just a single, sinister plot by Deathdark to finish the team of once and for all.

Deathdark hires the services of Agent 47, I mean, Yamarishi Mozu, to assassinate the team. No bombs, no death rays, just an assassin and his gun. Of course, being a professional, Yamarishi sets up an elaborate trap just to try and knock off Akama. It even comes with it’s own binder and typed notes. Of course Yamarishi doesn’t count on Akama’s keen eye and thus misses his target.



Akama gets roughed up pretty bad afterwards, and to add insult to injury, Kuroda gut-punches him just to keep him out of the fight.


That’s is for stealing my shirt!

After figuring out how to defeat Yamarishi, the team has a Wild West shootout with the Madaraman, then gets down to business beating Yamarishi himself. A very, very good episode if you ask me.


The Magnificent, um, Five?

Quick note: I will begin working on Episode 37 probably tomorrow. However, it may be a bit delayed as I currently lay within the path of Hurricane Irma. Hopefully the power won’t go out here.

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Goggle V, Episode 35

Well now, this is an odd episode. Also one to make you think. Deathdark has made a special trip to Africa and gotten hold of some particularly nasty hyena genes. This particular hyena died of starvation and so has a species memory of dying of starvation. That makes him mean.

Haruo is out with a friend, who, like his parents, happens to be a glutton. They order food just to eat a bit, then order more food, which is all wasted. This angers the boy Masayashi. His father has been to Africa and seen the starvation there and thus he sees that food is something to be cherished.

After the family leaves, they’re attacked by Hyena Mozu. He “kisses” them, which makes them want to devour metal.



Masayashi and his sister are naturally blamed for what’s going on, as it seems everyone is in bed with Deathdark these days. Not that it stops Hyena Mozu from wreaking havoc.


Eat it! Eat it! If it’s gettin’ cold, reheat it!

This is one of those rare episodes that teaches you a lesson, the moral here being, don’t take everything for granted because someone, somewhere, doesn’t have what you do. It’s thus hoped that the children of the world would join together and end world hunger.

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Goggle V, Episode 34

The endgame begins!

Deathdark has taken one Tiemi Kawada hostage and forced her father, the brilliant Dr. Kawada, to create a new neo-metal with which to mix with the Mozus. Neo-metal is crystaline based and renders the Mozus invincible and… hold on a tick. This music sounds familiar. Let me check here… Well sweet Baby Jesus! I thought that guitar riff sounded familiar. They used this music in the first episode of Battle Fever J!

So anyway, Tiemi escapes from Deathdark. Later, Akama is out to pick up his shirt from the cleaners when Wani Mozu ambushes him.


Kuroda lent me his shirt while my red shirt gets pressed.

No attack works on Wani Mozu, not even Goggle Victory Flash! You’d think they got hold of the Earthly and Heavenly Bracelets from the last episode again, but that’s not the case. The neo-metal is indestructible. The team needs their own neo-metal to fix their Goggle Sabres. They attempt to free Dr. Kawada to get him to make some, but he’s been relocated, leading the team to think Tiemi — who’s holed up on one of Goggle Five’s safe houses — is lying. She proves she’s not by running away to become Desmark’s bride. Naturally this infuriates Akama as he’d like to fall for a smart girl for once so he goes off to find her alone, leaving Kuroda to fix the Goggle Sabres with what turns out to be Tiemi’s neo-metal pendant.

So instead of just fixing the Goggle Sabres to make Goggle Victory Flash stronger, Kuroda creates a merged weapon. Now whenever they need to finish off a Mozu, the team takes to the air and joins their Sabres together to form the Goggle Golden Spear. This gives way to the team spinning about the Spear for a full eleven seconds! (I timed it!) Why Wani Mozu doesn’t attack with his energy draining bite is beyond me, but there you go. Using the Goggle Spear involves Red standing on a rise while the rest of the team sets up for a complicated boosting move. Red then impales Wani Mozu! Fortunately, this neo-metal isn’t applied to the Kongs so we don’t have to see the team go off to get a new sword for Goggle Robo.


What she said, actual footage (also, I think my sister had that hairstyle once)!

These seem to be getting a little easier. I’ve been using “Electronic Galaxy Slash” as the finishing move the past few episodes over “Electron Galaxy Cut”. This will, of course, be applied to the rest of the episodes, especially when I got back to do second versions. Also, you’ll notice that the episode begins right away with the episode title without the freeze frame. This seems to be the norm going forth in later shows for most of the ’80s and gets it’s start here. And, yeah, what’s up with Akama’s shirt? Everyone else is wearing their normal, color coded outfits (though Miki seems to have gone back to one of her earlier outfits) and here’s Akama traipsing around in a white shirt.

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Goggle V, Episode 33

Deathdark takes their quest for world domination outside Japan, sort of. Once more seeking immortality, they attack the tiny nation of Paruja, somewhere near India. Their hope is to find two special bracelets, the Heavenly and Earthly Bracelets. Whoever wears both bracelets shall be granted immortality. Deathdark secures the Earthly Bracelet, but the lone royal retainer, Ramdus, manages to get out of the country with the Heavenly Bracelet. Turns out the Royals had a princess who once renounced the throne to marry a commoner in Japan. Together they had a child, Yumi, the last of the Parujan Royal Family. Ramdus entrusts her with the Heavenly Bracelet before getting his ass handed to him.


Wait, which DC superhero is this again?

Yumi takes being a princess to heart, because what girl wouldn’t? She confronts her father about her origins and he comes clean. Her mother passed several years ago without telling Yumi of her royal heritage. Offended by being called a commoner, Yumi decides to take up her royal duties and protect the Heavenly Bracelet. This lasts all of three minutes as, after telling off Miki and Aoyama, Yumi runs into Mazurka, all ready for her big Bollywood number.


It’s a trap!™

Naturally, Yumi falls for Mazurka’s lies and hands over the Heavenly Bracelet and thus shirks her royal duties. To think this young princess is next in line for the Parujan throne should have the Parujan people drawing up a republican constitution quickly. Unfortunately, the Mozu of the Week, Tora Mozu, is now immortal. Or so it would seem. See, there’s a catch to being immortal. You first have to be living. The Mozus are part machine and so were never living. So while the team struggles early on to blow up Tora Mozu, the immortality is just an illusion.


There can be only one!

Tora Mozu does manage to rough up the team a bit, and comes close to blowing up Goggle Caesar, as the title suggests. But Miki manages to stop him and get back the Heavenly and Earthly Bracelets. Then the real ass-kicking begins. This, of course, displeases Desmark, who makes an appearance at the end and sets up the endgame for the series, blustering and threatening the team a little.


Remember who you are!


I’m gonna kick your ass as Wrestlemania!

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Goggle V, Episode 32

Meet Yadokari Mozu, Deathdark’s hermit crab monster. Not content with trying the crab theme already, they decide to try again.

For some odd reason, Deathdark is out to steal everyone’s skeletons. Either Deathgiller needs a new skull helmet or they were just bored this week. In any event, Yadokari Mozu blasts a bit of smoke at his victims and their skeletons are removed from their bodies and deposited in his shell. While in reality this would leave the victim a motionless pile of goo, here they just writhe around on the ground. You know, like if they still had skeletons.

In the midst of all this is the boy Taro. His father, Okawa, works at the local aquarium as a rent-a-cop, I mean, security guard. Turns out Akama knows Taro’s father as he used to be a police officer that once helped young Akama find his lost puppy. However, after a criminal pursuit took a turn for the worse, Mr. Okawa called it quits.

Akama decides to lure Yadokari to the aquarium, but in the midst of fighting him, Okawa interferes and his young niece, Harumi, loses her bones to the monster. This gets Okawa in hot water not only with the aquarium, but his own son as well. Taro thinks the old man a coward and turns his back on him.

The team finally knocks Yadokari’s shell off of him and Kuroda and Miki get it back to HQ where everyone’s skeletons are recovered and the day is saved. Taro thinks his father a hero again and their love grows.

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Goggle V, Episode 31

Wow, what a week! For those who didn’t get the chance, the eclipse was awesome!

So here we are, Episode 31. Just when you think Deathdark can’t get any lower, they resort to kidnapping children. Their aim is to recruit more people into the organization as their numbers have been dwindling as of late. This does add credence to a hypothesis of mine, that being that Mazurka was brought into Deathdark as a child. They don’t just want any children, though. They want smart children and you’d think the Japan of 1982 would be overflowing with such children, but apparently Deathdark’s looking for the right kind of smart kid. Now, you’d think that Deathdark would just let the not-so-smart kids go, but nooooo, despite being public knowledge, Deathdark doesn’t want word to get out and so plans on executing the poor kids! This doesn’t even phase Deathgiller, who previously had qualms about Desmark berating innocent children.

Fortunately, Aoyama picks this day to befriend the local baseball team.


Which Bad News Bears movie is this again?

Specifically, he befriends Kouta, that one kid who always makes the team, but can’t play worth a damn. Kinda like myself when I played the game. Kouta wants to be just like Aoyama, to the point that he waits around for him to show up while Aoyama is out doing Goggle Five work. Naturally, Kouta gets kidnapped. This works to Aoyama’s advantage, though, and he stops Kouta’s execution with moments to spare. I mean, gee, just because the kid wasn’t smart enough for Deathdark he’s sent to the chair! Shoot, even a poor Madaraman gets sent to the chair!


What the Hell did this guy do? No wonder your numbers are dwindling, Deathdark!

Towards the end, I think poor Deathgiller starts to see the writing on the wall. He’s out there trying to dominate the world for his bosses, kidnapping kids, keeping Mazurka in line, sending out the Kong… He’s waited who knows how many years (or centuries if you believe what is said in Episode 1) and now it seems like it’s all starting to go to pot. I mean, he just doesn’t seem to have it towards the end of this episode. Poor guy.


Regenerating Power! (God, I need a vacation!)

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