Goggle V, Episode 21

Wow, after the last episode, this one is kind of a snoozer.

Deathdark has created Shirakansu Mozu, the coelacanth, a fish once thought dead for millions of years. Appropriately enough, the monster’s weapon is the ability to disgorge milk into lakes and rivers and create frozen fish sticks, I mean, fossilize all fish in the water. This is because man depends on fish and without them you’d no longer be able to teach a man to fish so that he could eat daily.

Shota is the son of a fish farmer. He helps his father breed salmon, which are then released into the wild to, potentially, breed with other salmon. Deathdark deems Shota’s father important and thus kidnaps him one night to breed the fish needed to test out their fossilizing milk. Why a group of evil scientists couldn’t do this themselves is never explained. Fortunately, the team has been staking out a commercial hatchery and finds their way into a fight with Deathgiller and company.

Didn’t catch many particularly funny captures in this episode, but I did catch Deathgiller channeling his inner Rosco P. Coltrane.


Say, Boss, once I catch them Goggle Fives, can I get a few of them frozen fish sticks?

Torrent up as of 7/13.

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Goggle V, Episode 20

Meet Saboten Mozu, the cactus monster! He’s from Mexico and drinks tequila by the gallon!


A guitar wielding, tequila drinking cactus! Nothing wrong with that.

Let me stop right there. This is a cactus monster. A plant. For the past nineteen episodes, Deathdark has utilized animals in creating their monsters. This is the first plant themed monster. While it’s true that plants have genes just like animals, they’re a bit different. So I’m assuming the Super Proliferator Machine broke after creating this guy.

And his machine gun guitar.

And his tequila.

To combat this, the Future Science Laboratory contacts the aptly named Miss Saboten (literally Miss Cactus) from – wait for it – Mexico! Though a scientist, she’s a bit of a celebrity and is mobbed at the airport. Also there are Saburo and Yukari, two kids with a sick cactus.

Mazurka’s also there.


You know, I’d really like to see Mazurka’s origin story. She just doesn’t strike me as the villain type.

It seems Deathdark’s latest plot is to grow cacti that emit pollen that kills people, vaporizes them, then causes giant, impervious, cacti to grow in their place. No longer content with conquering Japan, they want to import Mexico to the Land of the Rising Sun.

Miss Saboten (who also prefers the more normal sounding Tereza) is promptly captured, but quickly saved.


Um, can someone get me out of this movie? I didn’t sign up for this!

Goggle Robo actually takes quite a beating in this episode and thus it takes a bit to finish off the Kong this week.

Oh, and before we close:


Let the fan service begin!

Quick note on the translation: The Portuguese subtitles kept referring to the Mozu as “Saboden”. I kept hearing the letter T so I did a quick check and the correct term is “Saboten” which is Japanese for cactus.

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Episode Torrents

The batch for the first ten episodes proved to be a success so I’m going to start posting torrents from Episode 11 on, with batches every ten episodes. I will seed each torrent until there are at least four seeds then turn them off. Please be aware, I am out of town during most of the week, but still do my subbing on the road, but can only upload episodes to MEGA on the road so torrents will be limited to weekends (Friday-Sunday) for me.

Goggle V, Episode 19

An episode that ends up being like Scooby-Doo on acid.

A drunk goes to a haunted house and is attacked by Komori Mozu, Deathdark’s latest monster. Seems Deathdark has created a virus that completely freezes all muscles in the body save for the heart, though it’s never explained whether the lungs stop to, but anyone bitten by Komori Mozu doesn’t die.


If Batman had been created by the Japanese, he’d be pretty awesome!

Tatsuya goes to investigate as the drunk is really the father of his friend Ossamu.


If that’s not Mazurka in disguise, then I’ll eat my hat.


This is why I hate clowns!

After getting scared off, the team goes to investigate and gets into a fight with some trippy skeletons. Finding Ossamu’s father, they withdraw to the lab to see what’s going on.


Like, zoinks, the drugs are really kicking in now!


Like, where’s Kuroda? He’s usually good at this Black Shadow stuff!

It’s funny how in the past few episodes Deathgiller and Mazurka teleport back to Destopia right after the Mozu gets defeated so they can send out the Kong. You’d think Desmark would handle this, but he’s taken on the megalomaniac role and would rather stand around and gesticulate. Overall, a very entertaining episode.


And we would’ve gotten away with it to, if it weren’t for you damn kids!

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Goggle V, Ten Episode Batch

Here are the first ten episodes of Goggle V. I’ve decided to test out the feasibility of releasing these in a torrent. If this is successful, then I will release other batches as I finish them. Individual episodes will likely still be released through MEGA. This is because I’m out of town a lot and only have access to my home computer on the weekends. Once enough people seed each batch, I’ll allow it to propagate from there.


Goggle V, Episode 18

An idea they stole some ten years later for a Power Rangers plot! And really only about six adults disappear so the title’s a bit of a misnomer.

Doctor Tanaka has created a literal youth serum. Deathdark, always up to no good, has infiltrated the lab where the serum was created and Mazurka easily steals it. It is then ingested by Saru Mozu, who then mists it on a group of unwilling prisoners, turning them into children. The plan is to turn all the adults in the world into scared little children, but just to conquer Japan they’ll need gallons of the stuff. Thus the plot shifts to kidnapping the good doctor.

Fortunately, the doctor has hidden the microfilms that contain the formula to the serum. To avoid his daughter being killed, he tells Deathdark that the films are hidden inside the family dog, Goro.

It seems the team just wasn’t up for it this week, or maybe the editor was just bored. Sometimes the soundtrack slows down in this one and Miki even gets drowned out during roll call.


The dog doesn’t seem bothered by this one bit.


You done messed up, Ay Ay Ron!


Kuroda’s wondering if Miki’s rebooting from slowing the soundtrack down too much.

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Goggle V, Episode 17

A boy and his monster episode. Young Satoru’s family guards a special dish that belongs to the local Kappa, a sort of water demon that looks like a turtle. Satoru is obsessed with the Kappa and even uses it as his own personal logo. For reasons unknown, Deathdark has seized upon the Kappa to create their latest Mozu, however, something’s missing…


Say what! Ok, he didn’t really say that, but I made it sound better.

Whenever Kappa Mozu tosses a plate at someone, they to become a Kappa and have the uncontrollable urge to fight each other, something borrowed some thirty years later in Kingsman, just without the Kappa.


TurtleFest ’81 gets out of hand and the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are banished to the U.S.

The Kong returns in this episode and Deathgiller has taken over the position of flipping the switch from the dearly departed Iguana and Sazoryia. It takes the team a little extra beating to take care of this one.


Don’t you just hate when you’re in the middle of your giant robot fight and Gamera shows up?

I’m gonna admit, making sense of this episode was a pain, especially that line delivered by Desmark early in the episode. I know many have been commenting about the subs being off, but, as stated before, the point of this exercise is to put out a Goggle V that people can watch until something better comes along. I’m gonna keep on trucking on this and see it through to the end.


I feel ya, Akama. After some of the lines in this episode, my brain hurts to.

Note: I noticed an error while re-watching. If by chance you downloaded this episode already, I’m re-upping the fixed episode.

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Goggle V, Episode 16

In this first post resurrection of Desmark episode, the team is confronted by Patrick the Starfish, I mean Hitode Mozu, a giant starfish that leads an army of regular-sized starfish capable of draining any energy from objects, admittedly a better plot device than that used in the series Revolution.


Tired of always being defeated, Plankton merges with Patrick to create the monster Planktrick!

The entire subplot of the episode is that Akama must get an important case of blood to a hospital in order for an important operation to take place. Since Hitode Mozu can drain all power, the journey must take place on foot and without his power suit. Luckily, Kuroda figures that the Hitode Army is simply attracted to whatever is the most powerful energy source and thus devises a device that will turn them on Hitode himself.

Back at Destopia, General Deathgiller is a bit hesitant of Commander Desmark. It seems Deathgiller has a bit of a conscience as he’d never put a child’s life in danger.

Note: No Kong in this episode.


Remember, kids, smoking is bad!

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Goggle V, Episode 15

Things take a turn towards the darkness in this episode. Destopia is still headed towards the South Pole from the previous episode. It’s quickly revealed why as Destopia takes on a mysterious coffin bearing the name Desmark. It is the coffin of a great Deathdark leader. He awakes and orders that the life essence of a human be obtained to restore his strength.


Oh no, it’s Pharaoh Man from Mega Man IV and he doesn’t look happy!

Iguana and Zazorya go in search of the required essence. They spot Tatsuya in the park and set Hachi Mozu, the bee monster, on him. They drain his essence, which turns him into an old man. To save him, they must get his essence back.


I’ve seen this episode of Star Trek. We just have to scare the bejeezus out of him and he’ll turn young again.

This, however, doesn’t please Desmark and so he orders Iguana and Zazorya back into the field to drain the essence from all humanity. They fail miserably, of course, and things don’t look so well for them.


I’m thinking of going into emu farming after this. You in?

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