Goggle V, Episode 43

This episode is pure filler. The grandfather of one of Haruo’s friends is given a treasure map and decides to go looking for it, convinced his ancestors hid it in the mountains. I mean, sure, just believe the first map you’ve seen. Could be hundreds of years old. Could have been forged by Deathdark. Who knows. Not like the old man needs it. He’s easily able to hire a crew to go help him.

Turns out Deathgiller wants the treasure to. He must have finally seen the writing on the wall and decided it’s best to begin planning for retirement. I mean, what does Deathdark need with all that gold?

The team gets caught in a net. That’s it. They get caught. Forty-three episodes in and the best Deathdark can do is a net. Supposedly it’s a shocking net, but I never see them get shocked. Either way, it’s easily defeated by Goggle Spark and everyone gets away.

The Mozu this week is essentially fish bait. I mean, c’mon, and earthworm? I’ve seen the movie Squirm and still think the idea of earthworms being monsters is laughable at best. The scariest thing in this whole episode is Akama’s choice of wardrobe.

New Goggle Suit! Like it? I’m gonna be Blue from here on out.

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Goggle V, Episode 42

We keep on rolling. Not many episodes left until the big finale!

Kuroda volunteers in his spare time to chaperone his childhood friend Sayaka’s kindergarten class. Secretly, though, Kuroda’s smitten by his old friend and it’s evident she’s smitten with him. But this was 1982 and you didn’t show things like that on a Japanese kid’s show.


Kuroda’s in lurve!

Deathdark decides to use this unspoken love to their advantage. For some odd reason, they want to turn Kuroda and the rest of the team into man scorpions. This entails donning a face-hugger and some weird ass scorpion stingers for hands. Honestly, the outfit is ridiculous and I’m sure Dr. Zazoriya is spinning in her grave, or wherever you go when you’re vaporized.

Anyway, Deathdark takes the poor kids prisoner and forces Sayaka to lure Kuroda into a trap. Kuroda, being smitten, blindly follows her to his doom and gets his ass handed to him. Y’know, for being the most badass member of the team, that sure happens a lot. I’d expect it from Kijima, but Kijima holds his own. Kuroda’s arm gets hurt in the fracas and he thus can’t transform into Goggle Black, though if it were me, I’d fight through the pain and just transform anyway.

Speaking of fighting through the pain, they get away and have to move a rather large boulder out of the way. Now his arm doesn’t want to hurt. Deathgiller and company show up just as they finish and threaten Kuroda with more ass kicking but luckily the rest of the team shows up and Akama heals Kuroda’s arm with his ruby.

In the end Sayaka apologizes for Kuroda’s ordeal and you can just see that they want to kiss, but Kijima, playing the third wheel, decides to slap Kuroda’s not-quite-healed arm and knock the love out of him. Poor Kuroda.

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Goggle V, Episode 41

For every great superhero, there is an origin story. This is neither.

Tadao Takayama is a lowly security guard patrolling some abandoned factories when one day he stumbles on a Deathdark experiment. Kaiko Mozu ingests the new carbon 82 and excretes a special kind of silk. When this silk is formed into a suit, it makes it’s wearer 100 times stronger. As with all superhero origins, the machine that makes this special carbon soon explodes, making the Strong Suit (no lie, that’s what they call it) rare. In the ensuing fracas, Takayama takes possession of the suit. Later, as he walks home, his son, Koichi, and friends run up to him crying about how a group of bikers ran them off their baseball field. Being a coward, Mr. Takayama runs for the hills. Then he remembers what Deathgiller said earlier, dons the suit and becomes… Strong Suit Guy. Yeah, he never gets a name. He has the ability to inflate balloons placed in his arms and chest and jump… moderately high.


I think being laughed at for running away is the least of his worries.

He uses these powers to beat up the bikers. The team questions where he got the suit, but Takayama demurs; his son loves him now that he’s strong. Together, the steal one of the bikers bikes and ride for home. Confronted by Deathdark, Takayama hands their asses to them and goes on his merry way. The press is convinced that he’s the sixth member of Goggle Five, which would be cool, but then they’d have to change their whole brand and be Goggle Six, but there’s only nine of these left and getting new uniforms with a VI on the breast would be expensive. So he declares that while he’s a free agent, he’d still like to fight alongside Goggle Five.

Now, if comics have taught us anything, it’s that family and superheroing don’t mix. I mean, look at what happened to Spider-Man. Apparently Deathdark has read the same comics as we all have and captures Koichi. Their demands are simple: turn over the Strong Suit. Takayama complies, but Deathgiller decides to kill the boy anyway! Fortunately the real heroes show up and save the day.

So, yeah, I punched this one out in one day. I guess I was rolling on from Episode 40 and wanted to get this down into the single digits. Plus, this one looked pretty cool when I saw the preview. Enjoy, friends.

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Goggle V, Episode 40

Deathdark is out to capture the famed computer scientist, Dr. Oizumi. To do so, they create Seiuchi Mozu, the walrus monster, to freeze him. When they attack, they happen to freeze Tatsuya, a friend of the good doctor’s, in the process.


Q’s at it again, freezing people all willy nilly.

Mazurka and Deathgiller plan to use a memory extraction device on the good doctor to gain as much information as possible to increase Deathdark’s knowledge base. Before they do that, they decide to test the machine out on Tatsuya, just to make sure it’s not going to leave the doctor a mindless husk. The first word out of Tatsuya’s mouth: Computer Boys and Girls! Deathgiller’s hit pay dirt!

Seiuchi Mozu freezes Aoyama and Kijima together and they spend most of the first half of the episode in this state. It’s stated they’ve been frozen to -270 degrees, meaning they should be dead as this corresponds to near absolute zero. Luckily the Future Science Laboratory has a means of unfreezing people frozen to near absolute zero.

Deathgiller begins to press for information. Desmark suggests asking him what he does after school. Using this information, Mazurka, dressed as a nun, begins making her way towards the secret entrance at the park. There she runs into the rest of Comboy who run for the hills once they realize who she is.

Akama hits upon the idea of using Goggle Caesar’s temperature sensors to locate the missing Tatsuya. He sends Kuroda off to do this while he rides around on his motorcycle. Eventually Kuroda finds the place and Akama ambushes Deathdark, saving Tatsuya and the doctor.

Hopefully Deathdark won’t try to find the secret entrance again…

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Goggle V, Episode 39

Another Miki-centric episode. They’re always the best because she gets herself into a situation, then kicks ass once she gets out of it.

Deathdark tries a different approach this week. Their newest Mozu, Mimizuku Mozu, lives within a picture book about woodland animals. Mazurka gives this book away for free.


See, Mazurka can be good too!


I mean, look, it’s a book about forest animals!

Whenever the children get to the page with Mimizuku on it, they are sucked up into the book, to be locked away forever. Deathdark’s reasoning is the parents of the children will bow down and do whatever they ask.

Akane acquires one of the books for her friend Osamu, who is sick in the hospital. Upon learning that the books related to the children disappearing, Akane has Miki rush to the hospital, where she is sucked up into the book. This delights Deathdark as they reason that by burning the book, Miki will die and the team will be defeated (though they could just get a new Goggle Pink, but whatever). They throw the book into the fire of Hell itself, a fire that cannot be extinguished. To keep Miki trapped, Mimizuku traps her in a cage. Miki finally puts two and two together and figures out the picture of the owl is what traps her in the book and so destroys it and the book, thus freeing herself. She then proceeds to give Deathgiller a stern talking to about harassing innocent children. Then she kicks ass.

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Goggle V, Episode 38

Aoyama has invented a portable rocket. With it he hopes the team will be able to soar through the skies and fight Deathdark from above. You know, like every other hero that’s ever used a rocket pack of some sort since the ’30s.

Things don’t go as planned, though. Kijima volunteers to try the rocket out and it actually takes flight, but then he crashes back to Earth and berates Aoyama for failing him. Deathgiller chooses this time to walk up and laughs at the two fighting. While they bicker, he steals the rocket for the latest Mozu, Sai Mozu.

Sai Mozu is based off the rhinoceros and uses Ayoama’s rocket in his horn to cause general mayhem and destruction. Aoyama feels bad after seeing the destruction his rocket has wrought, though he really shouldn’t beat himself up as Deathdark could have built a rocket regardless.

Turns out Sai Mozu’s weakness is his horn. Without it, he’s nothing. Kijima and Aoyama patch things up and work to relieve Sai of his horn, thus becoming poachers and drawing the ire of the World Wildlife Fund.

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Goggle V, Episode 37


WKRP in Cincinnati!

Deathdark has hired the services of one Rocket J. Squirrel, here going by the alias of Musasabi Mozu, to conduct bombing raids against Japan. After first targeting Tokyo’s city center, Musasabi next sets his sights on the Port of Yokohama. However, he needs to know things such as wind direction, speed, and effects of the blast just to be able to fly.

Enter Dr. Inoue, former forecaster for the Meteorological Agency. He knows all about weather and has taught his grandson, Masaro, how to look to nature to forecast the weather.

The team is concerned by this mysterious flyer and wonder if it might be Deathdark’s doing (which,¬†you know, when has it not been?).


Be thankful round TVs never caught on!


Fried chicken sure sounds good right about now.

Deathdark threatens the good Doctor with dropping his kid if he doesn’t comply and so he calculates the wind patterns for Yokohama. Musasabi double crosses the Doctor at the last moment and decides to use Masaro and his friends as bombs anyway. Fortunately, the team shows up just in time to save the day!



So, I noticed a grammatical error back in the previous episode. Chalk it up to trying to get that one out before the storm rolled in, which, thankfully, it went around. Prayers to those affected, though.

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Goggle V, Episode 36

In every series, there’s a good episode and a bad episode. Today’s episode is one of the former. No kids in danger this week, just a single, sinister plot by Deathdark to finish the team of once and for all.

Deathdark hires the services of Agent 47, I mean, Yamarishi Mozu, to assassinate the team. No bombs, no death rays, just an assassin and his gun. Of course, being a professional, Yamarishi sets up an elaborate trap just to try and knock off Akama. It even comes with it’s own binder and typed notes. Of course Yamarishi doesn’t count on Akama’s keen eye and thus misses his target.



Akama gets roughed up pretty bad afterwards, and to add insult to injury, Kuroda gut-punches him just to keep him out of the fight.


That’s is for stealing my shirt!

After figuring out how to defeat Yamarishi, the team has a Wild West shootout with the Madaraman, then gets down to business beating Yamarishi himself. A very, very good episode if you ask me.


The Magnificent, um, Five?

Quick note: I will begin working on Episode 37 probably tomorrow. However, it may be a bit delayed as I currently lay within the path of Hurricane Irma. Hopefully the power won’t go out here.

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Goggle V, Episode 35

Well now, this is an odd episode. Also one to make you think. Deathdark has made a special trip to Africa and gotten hold of some particularly nasty hyena genes. This particular hyena died of starvation and so has a species memory of dying of starvation. That makes him mean.

Haruo is out with a friend, who, like his parents, happens to be a glutton. They order food just to eat a bit, then order more food, which is all wasted. This angers the boy Masayashi. His father has been to Africa and seen the starvation there and thus he sees that food is something to be cherished.

After the family leaves, they’re attacked by Hyena Mozu. He “kisses” them, which makes them want to devour metal.



Masayashi and his sister are naturally blamed for what’s going on, as it seems everyone is in bed with Deathdark these days. Not that it stops Hyena Mozu from wreaking havoc.


Eat it! Eat it! If it’s gettin’ cold, reheat it!

This is one of those rare episodes that teaches you a lesson, the moral here being, don’t take everything for granted because someone, somewhere, doesn’t have what you do. It’s thus hoped that the children of the world would join together and end world hunger.

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