Denjiman, Episode 1

Ah, 1980. Jimmy Carter was still President. The US ice hockey team beat the Soviets in one of the greatest games ever played. The free world boycotted the Summer Games in Moscow. I was 1. And Japan gave us a really, really good show called Denjiman.

Thousands of years ago (3000 to be exact), the evil Vader Clan (no relation to THAT Vader) destroyed the planet Denji. A chunk of the planet, that just happens to look like a mountain, survived being destroyed and flew through space, landing on the Earth when Japan was apparently inhabited by the Flintstones. The mountain is camouflage, however, as the inside is that of a spaceship. The sole occupant: a dog known as IC.

In the present day (well, 1980), the Vader Clan approaches Earth. This awakens the Denji Computer, which in turn awakens IC and tasks him with recruiting a team to take on the Vader Clan. Being man’s best friend, IC does what’s asked of him, recruiting five people to become part of Denjiman, even saving a few in the process. Sadly, the newly minted DenjiGreen must begin the work of avenging his father, who is killed by the very first monster the team will face.

The Vader Clan is lead by the vain Queen Hedorian who repeatedly harasses her mirror, the aptly named Mirror, on who the most beautiful in the entire Universe is. Thankfully the Queen’s right hand man, General Hedora, interrupts her vanity. He has good news: Tokyo’s polluted. The Queen orders the invasion to begin. People everywhere are reduced to skeletons and… hey, isn’t this supposed to be a kids show?

The team hears the signal to assemble, and hey, they’re already wearing their color coded clothes, except Akira, that is. She didn’t get the memo and shows up wearing teal.


The dog said I was going to be DenjiTeal, right?

Inside, the team is greeted by Denji Computer. It explains what happened and christens them the Electronic Squadron Denjiman! Unlike later shows, instead of bracelets, they get to wear cool rings and when they transform, their suits come out of the shadows and they become Denjiman!

Denjiman is tasked with defeating Musasabilar, Vader Monster 00. Instead of using balls and clubs and ropes like in Goggle V, they use the fists and feet God gave them, but they do have a cool weapon called the Denji Stick. It’s almost like a boomerang, which is basically the team’s finisher as they unite their sticks and launch them at Musasabilar. Of course it defeats him, but it wouldn’t be Super Sentai if the monster didn’t get bigger. And no cumbersome robot monsters here. Nope, instead Musasabilar just spontaneously grows to giant size and I’m pretty sure DenjiRed poops himself as a result.


Wow, one episode in and you already gotta send the suit to the cleaners.

No time to clean up, though. There’s a giant monster to defeat. So the team calls upon Denji Fighter, which just happens to transform into their mecha, DaiDenzen. It was still early for the mecha’s here. Battle Fever J’s mecha, Battle Robo, didn’t even transform from anything. This was considered cool back before everyone had their own individual mechas and before they started going overkill in much later shows.

And no splitting the monsters in half yet either. No, they straight up chop his head off! He doesn’t even explode until he hits the ground.

So there you have it. The first episode of one of the most popular Sentai shows. This is just the first part, as well. It gets better.

This one isn’t going to be done as quick as Goggle V was. I don’t have any pre-timed subs to work with on this one. I looked. They don’t exist. I used the DeadFish script as a reference only, just to see if I was getting what they got, and I was. No idea how long it’ll be between episodes. Denjiman clocks in at 51 episodes. Work does also continue on the v2 for Goggle V, though that one will be released only when I’ve redone every episode. For now, though, head on back to 1980 and enjoy.



4 thoughts on “Denjiman, Episode 1

  1. Thanks for the Goggle V but please fix the torrent of Goggle V for Episodes 21-30, it is not working :), and can you subbed Kosoku Sentai Turborangers episodes,more power and continue to subbed 🙂


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