Goggle V, Episode 50

Well, here we are. The finale. It’s been a wild ride getting here what with computer glitches, malfunctions, racking my brain over what was being said half the time. But the ride has been worth it.

Deathdark has finished the Dark Hole Device again. This time they intend to use it and so Taboo orders Destopia to the air. This is the final straw as far as the team is concerned. Despite an initial defeat at the hands of Desmark, they head out in Goggle Caesar and mount a final offensive against Destopia. After fighting a gauntlet of Madaramen and Madaramen dressed in samurai armor, Red makes it into the central chamber. Desmark is determined to keep him away from Taboo, but Red isn’t having any of it. He somersaults over Desmark and hits Taboo’s glass wall head on. It doesn’t kill him, though. Instead it releases him and we finally get to see Taboo in all his glory. Turns out he is the product of 5000 years of Deathdark genetic research. All the evil in the world is locked up within him.

Desmark goes to deploy the Dark Hole Device, but the team isn’t having it this time. After dispatching Bella and Beth, they break out the Golden Spear and finish off Desmark once and for all. Destopia conveniently opens up at this point and Kuroda fires the missiles that destroy it. But it’s not over. Taboo has grown to Kong size, so it’s time to bring out Goggle Robo one last time. The final fight takes a few minutes, and even Electronic Galaxy Slash doesn’t finish him off as he becomes a flying torso that Goggle Robo can’t reach. So Akama unveils the Electronic Galaxy Missile! Basically he throws the sword at Taboo’s eye and kills him that way. Guess 5000 years of research didn’t account for a projectile weapon. Hate to have seen this guy go up against an army of archers.

So they’ve done it. They’ve defeated Deathdark. The final few moments of the show are highlights of what each member accomplished.

And with that, we’re finished. It is the end. I hope that each and every one of you has enjoyed this as much as I have. I thank you for your support. However, I’m sure this is not the end entirely…

MEGA | DDL | Torrent

Oh, wait, that’s right. There’s a show after this. No, I won’t be subbing this one as the great folks over at MillionFold Curiosity are currently bringing you this one. They’re 36 episodes in as of this writing, but I encourage anyone who hasn’t done so to check them out. Enjoy the preview, folks!

Dynaman Preview


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