Goggle V, Episode 46

And so, here we are, friends, the beginning of the end.

Before that, however, we see that the Future Science Laboratory is planning for a time after Deathdark. A time when they can begin building the city of the future. The young Toyama gives his proposal, but the committee – and who knew the Future Science Lab even had a committee – shoots it down, wanting to instead focus on defeating Deathdark. Akama, however, reminds the committee that the Future Science Lab’s original mission was, well, future science and making the world a better place. The committee decides to fund the proposal. Later, Toyama tells Tatsuya that it’ll take at least 30 years to build the city, meaning sometime in the year 2012.

Sadly, we never get the city of the future. While out conducting the initial environmental surveys, Toyama and his crew stumble upon Deathgiller and company up to no good. Here, though, instead of capturing the scientists and holding them captive, they have the Mozu of the Week, Sukanku Mozu, gas them and cause them to jump to their deaths.

The team is sent to investigate. Akama is particularly hurt as Toyama was a friend of his. After a brief skirmish, Akama allows himself to be captured. Deathdark has discovered Super Hitron Energy, brought to Earth by a meteorite. What they intend to do with the energy source isn’t disclosed here. The team shows up to save Akama, but fails to stop Deathdark from acquiring the Hitron Energy.

At the end, Destopia arises from the ground and sucks up all the Hitron Energy.

MEGA | DDL | Torrent


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