Goggle V, Episodes 41-50

Here’s the final batch of episodes for Goggle V.




Where Now?

As Goggle V wraps up, many have been asking the obvious – what now? Well, at the moment, I’ll be taking a well deserved break from subbing. Honestly, the past five months have been rough. I learned a valuable lesson from doing this and that’s subbing is hard! Especially when you’re doing it all by yourself.

I got into this thanks to the release of the Power Rangers movie back in March. I grew up watching the original show back in the ’90s and I knew it was based off of Super Sentai then. The new movie only renewed my interest and led me to finding the original shows. Then I discovered they weren’t all subbed. There were gaps in the sequence. I searched near and far for subs to Goggle V and other shows, but all for naught. Then I discovered a set of really bad subs that had been translated from Portuguese, so I sat down to see if I could turn them into a story that made sense. Even that proved difficult, but I persevered. It was slow at first, but as I got used to things the subbing went a little faster.

I’ll tell you this, though: I abandoned the dubtitles back around episode 30. I started using the translate apps speech-to-text feature – and yes, I know that’s not accurate either – to start translating the Japanese directly. Sometimes it didn’t work. But then it started to make sense.

I’ve begun learning Japanese. Some will say that’s not easy as well, but I’ve learned I’m good with languages if I put my mind to it. I picked up Spanish as a kid while my classmates struggled to say their names in the language.

So where do I go from here. Well, obviously there’ll be second versions of the episodes, especially the first 30 and the others as I refine my language skills and make the subs much better. There are errors, yes, but those can be fixed.

As for subbing other shows. I’m not sure yet. I’ve done some test runs on an episode of JAKQ as well as an episode of Fiveman. I had actually thought of doing Fiveman, but a subber named XIG has apparently taken that one so I won’t step on anyone’s toes there. There was talk of Flashman, once, and yes, I have fallen for that show. I love the end theme for that one. So that could be a possibility.

Then there’s always Denziman. It’s the one that’s never been done, which is odd as it was one of the most popular at the time. No one’s touched it since DeadFish went under, it seems.

I think, for the moment, I’m going to enjoy the episodes of Dynaman currently subbed. It’s a good show and seems to have gone in the direction Goggle V could have gone.

I think when I do finish the second versions of Goggle V, they’ll be released as batches as opposed to single episodes, so do keep an eye out here for any updates. For anyone not following me, do so so that you’ll get updates when I post new material.

Until then, my friends. Keep on keeping on!

Goggle V, Episode 50

Well, here we are. The finale. It’s been a wild ride getting here what with computer glitches, malfunctions, racking my brain over what was being said half the time. But the ride has been worth it.

Deathdark has finished the Dark Hole Device again. This time they intend to use it and so Taboo orders Destopia to the air. This is the final straw as far as the team is concerned. Despite an initial defeat at the hands of Desmark, they head out in Goggle Caesar and mount a final offensive against Destopia. After fighting a gauntlet of Madaramen and Madaramen dressed in samurai armor, Red makes it into the central chamber. Desmark is determined to keep him away from Taboo, but Red isn’t having any of it. He somersaults over Desmark and hits Taboo’s glass wall head on. It doesn’t kill him, though. Instead it releases him and we finally get to see Taboo in all his glory. Turns out he is the product of 5000 years of Deathdark genetic research. All the evil in the world is locked up within him.

Desmark goes to deploy the Dark Hole Device, but the team isn’t having it this time. After dispatching Bella and Beth, they break out the Golden Spear and finish off Desmark once and for all. Destopia conveniently opens up at this point and Kuroda fires the missiles that destroy it. But it’s not over. Taboo has grown to Kong size, so it’s time to bring out Goggle Robo one last time. The final fight takes a few minutes, and even Electronic Galaxy Slash doesn’t finish him off as he becomes a flying torso that Goggle Robo can’t reach. So Akama unveils the Electronic Galaxy Missile! Basically he throws the sword at Taboo’s eye and kills him that way. Guess 5000 years of research didn’t account for a projectile weapon. Hate to have seen this guy go up against an army of archers.

So they’ve done it. They’ve defeated Deathdark. The final few moments of the show are highlights of what each member accomplished.

And with that, we’re finished. It is the end. I hope that each and every one of you has enjoyed this as much as I have. I thank you for your support. However, I’m sure this is not the end entirely…

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Oh, wait, that’s right. There’s a show after this. No, I won’t be subbing this one as the great folks over at MillionFold Curiosity are currently bringing you this one. They’re 36 episodes in as of this writing, but I encourage anyone who hasn’t done so to check them out. Enjoy the preview, folks!

Dynaman Preview

Goggle V, Episode 49

Well, here we are, the penultimate episode. After a brief recap of Mazurka going boom and blowing up the base, we find the team sifting through the wreckage of the Control Room. Amidst the wreckage, they find Deathgiller, barely holding on to life. The rest of the team wants to leave him to die, but Akama can’t bring himself to stoop to Deathgiller’s level and insists he be taken care of. Undeterred, the team begins to rebuild as best they can.

Desmark, meanwhile, assumes the battle is won and that Goggle Five is no more. He’s quite shocked when he learns the team is very much alive. Thus the final Mozu, Kuma Mozu, is sent after them. However, Deathgiller interferes, feeling he needs to make it even with Akama before they’re forced to fight again.

Suddenly Goggle Caesar appears! Who’s piloting it? Why it’s Professor Hongo! Everyone is thrilled the good professor has returned. What’s Hongo been up to this whole time, you ask? Dialogue says he’s been in Africa, but I think he’s been off helping Dr. Yumeno get Dynaman up and running. Naturally he’s dismayed that the base was destroyed, but – good news everyone! – he thought of things like this and built a second, smaller base in a cave in the mountains. A cave that looks suspiciously like the one Kijima found his dad in. Hmmmm. He also built a new hiding place for Goggle Caesar, which makes no sense as  Korakuen Stadium is still standing.

Naturally, the team defeats Kuma Mozu. However, as Desmark goes to send out the Kong, Deathgiller comes running in and he’s loaded for bear (no pun intended). He’s procured a Dark Beam Device and he’s hellbent on destroying Goggle Five. Yes, in the end, the good general went nuts. After seeing 47 other Kongs get sliced in half and blown up, he honestly thinks adding a death ray will make a difference. To be fair, the giant robot fight doesn’t take five seconds like in the past. Deathgiller holds his own. But then he decides to draw a sword, which is bad move because anyone with a brain knows that the team’s gonna break out the Earth Sword. In the end, Deathgiller gets to go wherever Goggle Five hides all the bodies of the defeated Mozus. Which they never did hide Kuma Mozu…

Believe it or not, but Desmark seems quite pleased by Deathgiller’s demise. This somehow allows Desmark himself to go out and fight. Which at this point, Deathmark should just throw in the towel. There’s only four main bad guys left. That and a handful of Madaramen. Just goes to show how stupid evil is. They will literally fight to the last man.

To be concluded…

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Goggle V, Episode 48

Picking right up, we find Deathdark still trying to build their Dark Hole Device. The team is on the lookout, though, must to Deathgiller and Desmark’s dismay.

Desmark has finally had it. Goggle Five have been a thorn in his side for too long. He decides to take the battle to them. To do this, he enlists the aid of Mazurka. He convinces her that if she’ll be infused with Hitron Energy, then she’ll be able to turn invisible and thus infiltrate the Control Room at the Future Science Lab. Little does Mazurka know that Desmark is playing her and intends to use her as a suicide bomber.

There is a Mozu here, and he looks like he fell through time from the age of Turboranger or Carranger, or maybe even Go-onger. He’s able to get near the base, though, just long enough to draw out the team. Mazurka slips in unnoticed, but the effects of the Hitron Energy begin to take their toll on her body. She does manage to reach the Control Room, though, letting Deathgiller and the Madaramen in. They make their way to the Control Room and destroy all the equipment and Deathgiller is surprised to find Mazurka still alive. After telling her of Desmark’s plan, he bolts, intending to detonate the bomb and destroy everything. The team catches him, though, and forces him back into the Control Room. After a brief skirmish, Mazurka ends up with the detonator.

As she presses the button, thus ending her life, you can’t help but feel sorry for Mazurka. She possessed a good streak, even if it were an act at times. I’m sure if the stars had aligned in her favor, she would have been a teacher, a scientist, maybe even a member of the Future Science Laboratory. Alas, that was not to be. Her lot in life demanded that she be a pawn of Deathdark, blindly following the orders of Deathgiller, Desmark and Taboo. At least now she’s with Drs. Zazoryia and Iguana, wherever misunderstood henchmen go when they die. Rest in Peace, Mazurka. You’ve earned it, even if you did take an entire science complex with you.

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Goggle V, Episode 47

Picking right up where we left off, Deathdark has parked Destopia right on top of the Super Hitron Energy source and have begun siphoning it off. The team can’t get close or else it’ll cause their suits to explode.

What does Deathdark plan to do with this energy? The answer is soon revealed. They intend to build the Ultimate Weapon: The Dark Hole Device. It’s purpose is simple, to destroy all the humans on Earth, leaving only Deathdark to rule the world and anyone unlucky enough to be left behind.

The action is tight and the fight with the Mozu goes one for a bit as he’s infused with Hitron Energy. The only distraction is a little boy, Masato, but hey, they’ve got to pad these last few episodes out. The team finally manages to stop the activation of the Dark Hole Device by mere seconds, but Deathgiller is determined to build it, no matter the cost.

In the next episode: Mazurka go boom!

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Goggle V, Episode 46

And so, here we are, friends, the beginning of the end.

Before that, however, we see that the Future Science Laboratory is planning for a time after Deathdark. A time when they can begin building the city of the future. The young Toyama gives his proposal, but the committee – and who knew the Future Science Lab even had a committee – shoots it down, wanting to instead focus on defeating Deathdark. Akama, however, reminds the committee that the Future Science Lab’s original mission was, well, future science and making the world a better place. The committee decides to fund the proposal. Later, Toyama tells Tatsuya that it’ll take at least 30 years to build the city, meaning sometime in the year 2012.

Sadly, we never get the city of the future. While out conducting the initial environmental surveys, Toyama and his crew stumble upon Deathgiller and company up to no good. Here, though, instead of capturing the scientists and holding them captive, they have the Mozu of the Week, Sukanku Mozu, gas them and cause them to jump to their deaths.

The team is sent to investigate. Akama is particularly hurt as Toyama was a friend of his. After a brief skirmish, Akama allows himself to be captured. Deathdark has discovered Super Hitron Energy, brought to Earth by a meteorite. What they intend to do with the energy source isn’t disclosed here. The team shows up to save Akama, but fails to stop Deathdark from acquiring the Hitron Energy.

At the end, Destopia arises from the ground and sucks up all the Hitron Energy.

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Goggle V, Episode 45

So here we are, the episode where Kuroda gets to kick his own ass. To accomplish this, Deathdark hires the services of Tanooki Mario, I mean, Tanuki Mozu. The Tanuki holds a special place in Japanese folklore. He was a trickster and liked to disguise himself. Here he’s a jerk.

The whole plan is that Deathdark wants to impersonate one of the team to access the secret base. Instead of simply kidnapping of of the team and sticking them in a pod, they go through the tedious task of taking pictures of the team and having Tanuki listen to audio so that he can mimic the voice. Nevermind he wouldn’t be able to mimic every detail of the team, something that they take advantage of towards the end.

In the meantime, Tanuki decides he wants to mimic Kuroda. No reason’s given, except maybe because he’s a badass and because the title says there’s going to be two blacks. Of course Tanuki can’t mimic Kuroda’s badassery and the team uses this to figure out who’s the real Kuroda by getting them to jump off a rock crusher, which, of course, Tanuki can’t do because he’s no badass.

Tanuki decides later to impersonate Pink, which is a bad move because Miki is no one to be messed with either. The team has a means of figuring out who’s who by doing a fake roll call, which only the real Pink knows how to do.

Toward the end, the team fights their own doppelgangers, who don’t wear white scarves and use black painted weapons.

So with this episode, most of the filler is finished. The next episode begins the final five-part arc for the series as both sides discover Hightron Energy.

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Goggle V, Episode 44

Apologies for the lack of activity this week. Work had me bouncing all over the place and I had too few moments to get any subbing done. This one is a tad rushed as there’s no sub of the preview. A truly quick and dirty sub.

Poor Kijima. First he hurts his foot while training at the gym for no better reason than he’s just careless. Then he gets attacked by Condor Mozu, a monster who’s secret weapon is coating people with sand that causes anything remotely edible to also turn into sand. That’s it. That’s Condor Mozu’s power. Why the people themselves don’t turn into sand considering people are made of meat and water is beyond me, but Deathdark’s plan is to starve the people into turning to them. Seems like they’re really running out of ideas so late in the game. They should just throw in the towel before it’s too late.

Other than that, Kijima is forced to fight Akama, but it’s all an act and Kijima lets Akama know by telling him about how Akama hurt his foot while training, even though Kijima did that to himself. Even Akama’s confused by that comment, but he plays dumb just so they can find Deathdark’s latest hideout. Probably explains that hideous shirt he started wearing in the previous episode. No one would pay attention to that over the red shirt he was wearing a few episodes back.

Anyway, there you have it. Episode 44, The One Where Kijima Can’t Eat! In the next episode, Kuroda gets to kick his own ass.

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