Goggle V, Episode 31

Wow, what a week! For those who didn’t get the chance, the eclipse was awesome!

So here we are, Episode 31. Just when you think Deathdark can’t get any lower, they resort to kidnapping children. Their aim is to recruit more people into the organization as their numbers have been dwindling as of late. This does add credence to a hypothesis of mine, that being that Mazurka was brought into Deathdark as a child. They don’t just want any children, though. They want smart children and you’d think the Japan of 1982 would be overflowing with such children, but apparently Deathdark’s looking for the right kind of smart kid. Now, you’d think that Deathdark would just let the not-so-smart kids go, but nooooo, despite being public knowledge, Deathdark doesn’t want word to get out and so plans on executing the poor kids! This doesn’t even phase Deathgiller, who previously had qualms about Desmark berating innocent children.

Fortunately, Aoyama picks this day to befriend the local baseball team.


Which Bad News Bears movie is this again?

Specifically, he befriends Kouta, that one kid who always makes the team, but can’t play worth a damn. Kinda like myself when I played the game. Kouta wants to be just like Aoyama, to the point that he waits around for him to show up while Aoyama is out doing Goggle Five work. Naturally, Kouta gets kidnapped. This works to Aoyama’s advantage, though, and he stops Kouta’s execution with moments to spare. I mean, gee, just because the kid wasn’t smart enough for Deathdark he’s sent to the chair! Shoot, even a poor Madaraman gets sent to the chair!


What the Hell did this guy do? No wonder your numbers are dwindling, Deathdark!

Towards the end, I think poor Deathgiller starts to see the writing on the wall. He’s out there trying to dominate the world for his bosses, kidnapping kids, keeping Mazurka in line, sending out the Kong… He’s waited who knows how many years (or centuries if you believe what is said in Episode 1) and now it seems like it’s all starting to go to pot. I mean, he just doesn’t seem to have it towards the end of this episode. Poor guy.


Regenerating Power! (God, I need a vacation!)

MEGA | DDL | Torrent


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