Goggle V, Episode 30


Wilf from Doctor Who!

Tetsuo Suzuki is the last of his line. He is the 25th generation guardian of the Golden Sword, a sword so powerful that whosoever wields it will be invincible. Deathdark desperately want this sword, Deathgiller chief among them. They enlist the aid of Tengu Mozu, a… something. Kind of a cross between a bird and a proboscis monkey.

Tetsuo wishes to pass along the burden of protecting the sword, but, alas, he was only blessed with a granddaughter. Only wanting the best for her, he brings the team along, hoping she will choose one of them to be her groom. However, Mishio is smitten with the young guitarist, Tesetsu.

Deathdark arrives and takes Tetsuo and Mishio hostage, sealing them within the mountain and go looking for the sword on their own. Tesetsu plays a quick tune to get Mishio’s attention and upon freeing them, Tetsuo directs the team to where the sword is hidden. Deathgiller has already found it, though and is made invincible, repelling everything the team throws at him.

A very well written episode and action packed to boot. Thirty episodes in, folks. Twenty more to go.

MEGA | DDL | Torrent


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