Goggle V, Episode 29

Before we begin, eagle-eyed viewers will see that I changed the title of the episode. Terror of the Sleeping Quarter just didn’t sound right. I ran it through the translator and came up with the above title. I’m getting the titles from the Goggle V wiki, so, you know. I’ll fix these as I go back and do second versions.

Deathdark is having an off week and thus enlists the services of the African tsetse fly, here known as Hae Mozu, to put the citizens of Asakyama to sleep. From there they plan on mass producing Hae Mozu’s sleep gas and knock Tokyo out as well. You do kinda feel sorry for these Mozu’s sometimes. They’re created to test out something, then Deathdark decides to go and mass produce their secret weapon for use against Tokyo. Defeats the purpose of the Mozu, if you ask me. Not to mention, when they’re defeated, where does Goggle V dispose of the body?


So that’s what happened to Suika Mozu!

Kuroda saves a boy and his brother from Deathdark after the latter stumble upon their secret hideout, which looks suspiciously like the house from episode 19, but in the process he loses his Goggle Bracelet, rendering him powerless. Undeterred, he proceeds to kick ass.


He still forgot the bubble gum.

Eventually the team shows up, returns Kuroda’s bracelet and the serious ass-kicking starts. Naturally, the Kong shows up at the end, but the team proves prepared for anything.


And you through the flies in South Texas were big!

Episode 30 looks like it’s going to be a really good one.


Don’t ask.

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