Goggle V, Episode 28

Meet Same Mozu, the shark monster. He’s been created for one purpose – to cry for the Mozus that came before him. That’s it. That’s his sole purpose.

Deathdark’s latest plan involves showing a bit of propaganda to Same Mozu, forcing him to cry. However, his tears are bombs. At the same time, this crying will lead Deathdark to a place to revive the 27 Mozus that came before, though why they don’t just run their genes through the Super Proliferator is anyone’s guess.

In the midst of this is Kazuo and his older sister, two kids who live by the sea. After a group of teens destroy their house boat, they encounter Same Mozu who appeals to their environmental side and convinces them he’s one of the good guys and just wants to pray for his dead friends. This, of course, is a trap as the dead Mozus demand a sacrifice in order to come back from the afterlife.


No, but you should try this weed, man, it’s awesome!

You kind of feel bad for the Mozu in this episode. His sole purpose in life was to cry for his fallen brethren. In the end, he gets to join them.


The ghost of Same Mozu lives on!

MEGA | DDL | Torrent


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