Goggle V, Episode 27

After a pretty good Mozu in the previous episode, Deathdark goes backwards again and decides to use a plant monster, namely Suika Mozu, the watermelon monster. That’s right, watermelon, that sweet juicy fruit that you get overcharged for right before summer starts, then pay ridiculously low prices for right in the middle of summer. And don’t get me started on what they charge you if it’s already sliced and packaged for you.

I mean, you want your monster to be something that instills fear in people, right? I just don’t see how a watermelon can do that, despite people’s reactions upon first seeing Suika Mozu. Personally, I’d just grab the kitchen knife and start slicing him up and eating him.

So yeah, a watermelon monster. That shoots seeds that turn people into plants. Not watermelons, mind you, but an assortment of plants, mostly coconut palms. Three of Tatsuya’s classmates are the first victims of Suika Mozu.


Those aren’t seeds!

Sucked into the middle of all this is Tatsuya’s teacher, Miss Hiroko. She’s immediately blamed for the children’s disappearance. Tatsuya comes to her defense and offers a strong alibi — she was busy teaching art to the rest of the class. The parents, however, still don’t buy it and so Miss Hiroko quits her job. Akama is not happy with this and figures it has to be a Deathdark plan (because, when isn’t it?). The team opens their own investigation and catches Suika in the act. However, they quickly deduce that the only way to turn people back to normal is to take out Suika and thus set a plan in motion to draw him out. Deathdark hears about this and sends Mazurka to sneak Suika into the local hospital.


If you don’t hurry, well, he looks do delicious that I might eat him!

The plot works, naturally, and the team defeats Suika and children all over Japan are scared of watermelon for the next twenty years.

MEGA | DDL | Torrent


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