Goggle V, Episode 26

The second half starts with a bang!

Deathdark has enlisted the aid of Pumbaa, I mean, Inoshishi Mozu in it’s latest attempt at world domination. Inoshishi has the ability to throw flash-bang devices which cause amnesia. They test this out on one of the Keystone Cops and a bumbling crook with great results.


Hakuna Frickin’ Matata, bitches!

The team splits up to search the city after the latest attack which leaves a poor little girl not realizing her mom is right in front of her. Kuroda quickly deduces that Inoshishi will only attack when the team isn’t present and so tracks him to the warehouse district. Kuroda’s there to kick ass and chew bubble gum, but he forgot both. Inoshishi proceeds to hand Kuroda’s ass to him.



Fortunately for Kuroda, the team shows up and forces Inoshishi to retreat, but not before detonating one of his Shock Bombs. Everyone is okay, except Kuroda, who seems to have forgotten who his friends are. He runs off and is chased by Mazurka and Inoshishi while Deathgiller fights the rest.


Ow, my brain! The subs don’t make sense! It hurts!

One of the cool things about this show is that the actor portraying Kuroda, Jyunichi Haruta, did many of his own stunts. You can see his awesome skills on display throughout this episode, especially before and after the break. In this age where actors and actresses do their work against a green screen and in a harness, it’s refreshing to look back at a simpler time when it was done the old-fashioned way and they actually had to dodge the explosions.

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One thought on “Goggle V, Episode 26

  1. IIRC, Haruta had done a lot of stunts in previous Toei shows, including suit acting for Spade Ace in JAKQ among other things.


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