Goggle V, Episode 25

Cue the Bon Jovi because we’re finally halfway there. Yes, after a bad week of computers crashing and other assorted mishaps, Episode 25 is finally finished! So, yeah, I guess you can say I’ve been Livin’ on a Prayer.


“He just had to make the Bon Jovi reference, didn’t he” laments a beleaguered Akama.

Deathdark hits rock bottom. They’ve used 23 actual living animals and one plant since day one and now they’ve moved on to using extinct animals, namely pteranodon, a winged creature from the Mesozoic. Not an actual dinosaur, mind you, but it was the ’80s and people still thought everything that lived then was a dinosaur.

Stuck in the middle of all this is Hiroshi. He stumbles into the cave where Deathdark is hiding the pteranodon eggs they’ve somehow managed to create. After pulling a Jurassic Park and extracting the DNA from one of the eggs, they feed it into the Super Proliferator Machine (returning after a long absence) and create Pterano Mozu. He can fly (duh!) and create great gusts of wind with his wings. You know, kinda like Saboten Mozu did a few episodes back.

How do you fight a flying creature, you ask? Simple, you steal a TARDIS, skip ahead a few Sentai series, and take Jetman’s powers. Or did Jetman steal Goggle V’s powers? Either way, the team takes flight towards the end to lay the smackdown on Pterano Mozu.

The Kong fight is quite epic in this episode. Normally the team just calls upon Goggle Caesar and forms Goggle Robo and wraps things up quickly. Not this time. This time the team uses the little used power of reversing the film and actually un-merges Goggle Robo to lay a little more smackdown on the Kong. Then they re-merge to finish him off.

Not many funny screencaps for this episode. Apologies to those who enjoy them. The issues with my computer precluded me from seeing any. The humor will return, though. Also, no translation for preview this time, though Episode 26 looks like it’ll be pretty cool. Enjoy.

Torrent link now live.

MEGA | DDL | Torrent


One thought on “Goggle V, Episode 25

  1. I cranked up the volume on Livin’ on a Prayer. Slippery When Wet was a great album. Maybe you should say Raise Your Hands when you do another milestone.


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