Goggle V, Episode 24

Can you believe we’re almost halfway done!

Deathdark’s latest Mozu is the aptly named Chameleon Mozu. As the name suggests, he can blend in with his surroundings, though we all know that’s just a myth. Regardless, Deathdark uses this power to steal gold. Why? It’s never explained.


I can see the halfway point in this show coming!

Wataru is a friend of the Comboy’s who has the privilege of owning a camera. Even in 1980’s Japan these things must have cost a fortune, despite being made locally, as the group is envious of the device, meaning their Comboy salary must not cover much. He takes a picture of everyone and some other friends and later, in his own personal darkroom, discovers Chameleon Mozu hiding in the background. Deathdark catches wind of this somehow and captures the two boys and Deathgiller hits upon the idea of infusing Chameleon Mozu’s essense with their own, allowing him to change their own colors. What follows is a litany of color changes that would make modern liberals convulse in horror.


Nothing to see here. Move along!

A shipment of gold bars is coming from South America and Deathdark plans on using the boys to steal it. Luckily the team shows up just in time to stop the nefarious plot.


Well that’s new.

A few little added bonuses for this episode. I attempted a translation of a sign, specifically the bank sign at the beginning of the episode. I used Google’s translation app to accomplish this, so it might be botched. The same goes for the next time preview. I used the app there as well so it might be a tad botched, but I think I cleaned it up a bit. I might do this going forward, but here is just a test.


Ha, ha, ha, ha! He used an app to translate this. Boy is he dumb!

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8 thoughts on “Goggle V, Episode 24

  1. My friend, I am actually trying. I’m not punching these things out like a madman. Lately I’ve started going for a bit more accuracy, hence the translated preview in episode 24. This is serving as a learning experience for me. I’ve started to pick up the language more and am striving to make the translations a little better. As I get better, I’ll go back and fix the other episodes.

    I’m not doing this out of spite and not to discourage other groups. I saw a post on a board saying I’d do Flashman next. GUIS is already doing that one. I really wanted to do Denziman and if my grasp of the language improves I will, but I won’t do it badly.

    I plan to see Goggle V to its conclusion and fix the errors. I’ve fallen for the show and want to share my love for the show with others.


  2. You deleted my comments when you couldn’t win the argument lol. Don’t get offended. It’s nothing against you personally, but you have to be real here and understand the ramifications of your actions here.


    1. Yes, I understand the ramifications. I do want to continue this. It’s proven fun so far and I’m nearly half way there. Yes, I am picking up Japanese. I don’t use the Portuguese track in trying to translate anything, just the subs. Yes, those subs are terrible. They give me migraines. No, I don’t take offense to anything you have said. It’s just that when I came across those poorly translated subs, I figured I should do something about it. I saw some others attempting to do the same, but they were just cleaning up the bad grammar. I’ve sought to do more. I’ve sought to give people something to enjoy. But, I will take what you’ve said into consideration going forward.


      1. What ramifications? That we get serviceable subtitles for a long-ignored sentai show? I don’t care if they’re 100 percent accurate, if that’s what the concerns are. In any event, keep on doing what you’re doing. Your work is enjoyable and a boon to the Sentai community. Naysayers be damned.


      2. @Matt I explained the ramifications in previous comments, but the admin of this site deleted them. I’m not going to go into detail like I did before, but the ramifications are if this project is completed, it will put off better sub groups from wanting to do it cause there is already a full set watchable subs.


      3. @qadsubs Yeah delete my comments, only leaving the ones you like, so anyone who reads it has no context of the conversation, and people can back you up. If you’re gonna delete my comments, delete the entire conversation. Otherwise don’t delete any at all and restore the deleted ones.


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