Goggle V, Episode 23

Apologies for the delay. Work has kept me busy the past week.

The team is confronted by Kani Mozu, a crab that doubles as a bubble machine. But these bubbles are different. They foam up the water and make people not want to drink it. This makes sense as even Mr. Bubbles tastes nasty. The plan is to contaminate the 3/4ths of the Earth covered by water, thus killing all life. Where Deathdark plans on getting that much bubble bath is never explained.


“And when I defeat Hulk Hogan at Wrestlemania, I’ll be the best their ever was!”

Sucked into the middle of all of this is the boy, Kenta. His father is head of the local water treatment plant and is immediately accused of polluting the city’s water supply. Why someone who has toiled for years to provide clean drinking water to millions would suddenly put those millions, himself included, at risk is beyond me, but even his own son begins to suspect him after one of Kani Mozu’s attacks.


Does this look like someone who’d destroy the environment?

Kani Mozu realizes early that he’s no match for Goggle V as a simple bubble blower and thus has a device attached to his second mouth that spits out “mecha kani”, essentially crabs with antenna attached. These are summarily destroyed by the team. So it begs to wonder if they’re for or against nature as I didn’t see any jump cuts to suggest the crabs weren’t really blown up.

MEGA | DDL | Torrent


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