Goggle V, Episode 22

I’ve been waiting for this episode to come around.


And when you find that Gwen Stefani girl, wrap her up and ship her out!

Kujaku Mozu, the peacock monster, can bring dolls to life using his special arrows.


I don’t like this new Green Arrow. Why can’t DC just leave their characters alone?

These dolls have been abandoned and therefore harbor ill feelings towards people. Deathdark decides to utilize this to terrorize the populace.


I’m telling you, clowns are scary!

Miki goes undercover, first as the Geisha Doll to get information out of the Clown Doll.


Let the fanservice begin!

After the team discovers the original doll and removes the arrow, Miki assumes the clown’s identity to gain access to the other dolls, where she learns of their whereabouts. Only French Doll refuses to reveal her location.


The only good clown is a dead clown.


Miki, why! Ten points deducted for dressing as a clown!

Turns out French Doll was separated from her prince, leading to Miki dressing as said prince to turn French Doll back to the side of good. This displeases Deathgiller, though, and he has French Doll turned back into a regular doll.


I’m no rocket scientist, but I’m guessing you just messed up big time, Deathgiller!

MEGA | DDL | Torrent


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