Goggle V, Episode 21

Wow, after the last episode, this one is kind of a snoozer.

Deathdark has created Shirakansu Mozu, the coelacanth, a fish once thought dead for millions of years. Appropriately enough, the monster’s weapon is the ability to disgorge milk into lakes and rivers and create frozen fish sticks, I mean, fossilize all fish in the water. This is because man depends on fish and without them you’d no longer be able to teach a man to fish so that he could eat daily.

Shota is the son of a fish farmer. He helps his father breed salmon, which are then released into the wild to, potentially, breed with other salmon. Deathdark deems Shota’s father important and thus kidnaps him one night to breed the fish needed to test out their fossilizing milk. Why a group of evil scientists couldn’t do this themselves is never explained. Fortunately, the team has been staking out a commercial hatchery and finds their way into a fight with Deathgiller and company.

Didn’t catch many particularly funny captures in this episode, but I did catch Deathgiller channeling his inner Rosco P. Coltrane.


Say, Boss, once I catch them Goggle Fives, can I get a few of them frozen fish sticks?

Torrent up as of 7/13.

MEGA | DDL | Torrent


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