Goggle V, Episode 25

Cue the Bon Jovi because we’re finally halfway there. Yes, after a bad week of computers crashing and other assorted mishaps, Episode 25 is finally finished! So, yeah, I guess you can say I’ve been Livin’ on a Prayer.


“He just had to make the Bon Jovi reference, didn’t he” laments a beleaguered Akama.

Deathdark hits rock bottom. They’ve used 23 actual living animals and one plant since day one and now they’ve moved on to using extinct animals, namely pteranodon, a winged creature from the Mesozoic. Not an actual dinosaur, mind you, but it was the ’80s and people still thought everything that lived then was a dinosaur.

Stuck in the middle of all this is Hiroshi. He stumbles into the cave where Deathdark is hiding the pteranodon eggs they’ve somehow managed to create. After pulling a Jurassic Park and extracting the DNA from one of the eggs, they feed it into the Super Proliferator Machine (returning after a long absence) and create Pterano Mozu. He can fly (duh!) and create great gusts of wind with his wings. You know, kinda like Saboten Mozu did a few episodes back.

How do you fight a flying creature, you ask? Simple, you steal a TARDIS, skip ahead a few Sentai series, and take Jetman’s powers. Or did Jetman steal Goggle V’s powers? Either way, the team takes flight towards the end to lay the smackdown on Pterano Mozu.

The Kong fight is quite epic in this episode. Normally the team just calls upon Goggle Caesar and forms Goggle Robo and wraps things up quickly. Not this time. This time the team uses the little used power of reversing the film and actually un-merges Goggle Robo to lay a little more smackdown on the Kong. Then they re-merge to finish him off.

Not many funny screencaps for this episode. Apologies to those who enjoy them. The issues with my computer precluded me from seeing any. The humor will return, though. Also, no translation for preview this time, though Episode 26 looks like it’ll be pretty cool. Enjoy.

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Quick Update

As the image suggests, I’ve been having computer problems the past few days and have thus had no time to work on Episode 25 of Goggle V. These problems are resolved now and I hope to resume work in the next few days.

I’m seeding episodes 1-20 at the moment for anyone missing out.

Goggle V, Episode 24

Can you believe we’re almost halfway done!

Deathdark’s latest Mozu is the aptly named Chameleon Mozu. As the name suggests, he can blend in with his surroundings, though we all know that’s just a myth. Regardless, Deathdark uses this power to steal gold. Why? It’s never explained.


I can see the halfway point in this show coming!

Wataru is a friend of the Comboy’s who has the privilege of owning a camera. Even in 1980’s Japan these things must have cost a fortune, despite being made locally, as the group is envious of the device, meaning their Comboy salary must not cover much. He takes a picture of everyone and some other friends and later, in his own personal darkroom, discovers Chameleon Mozu hiding in the background. Deathdark catches wind of this somehow and captures the two boys and Deathgiller hits upon the idea of infusing Chameleon Mozu’s essense with their own, allowing him to change their own colors. What follows is a litany of color changes that would make modern liberals convulse in horror.


Nothing to see here. Move along!

A shipment of gold bars is coming from South America and Deathdark plans on using the boys to steal it. Luckily the team shows up just in time to stop the nefarious plot.


Well that’s new.

A few little added bonuses for this episode. I attempted a translation of a sign, specifically the bank sign at the beginning of the episode. I used Google’s translation app to accomplish this, so it might be botched. The same goes for the next time preview. I used the app there as well so it might be a tad botched, but I think I cleaned it up a bit. I might do this going forward, but here is just a test.


Ha, ha, ha, ha! He used an app to translate this. Boy is he dumb!

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Goggle V, Episode 23

Apologies for the delay. Work has kept me busy the past week.

The team is confronted by Kani Mozu, a crab that doubles as a bubble machine. But these bubbles are different. They foam up the water and make people not want to drink it. This makes sense as even Mr. Bubbles tastes nasty. The plan is to contaminate the 3/4ths of the Earth covered by water, thus killing all life. Where Deathdark plans on getting that much bubble bath is never explained.


“And when I defeat Hulk Hogan at Wrestlemania, I’ll be the best their ever was!”

Sucked into the middle of all of this is the boy, Kenta. His father is head of the local water treatment plant and is immediately accused of polluting the city’s water supply. Why someone who has toiled for years to provide clean drinking water to millions would suddenly put those millions, himself included, at risk is beyond me, but even his own son begins to suspect him after one of Kani Mozu’s attacks.


Does this look like someone who’d destroy the environment?

Kani Mozu realizes early that he’s no match for Goggle V as a simple bubble blower and thus has a device attached to his second mouth that spits out “mecha kani”, essentially crabs with antenna attached. These are summarily destroyed by the team. So it begs to wonder if they’re for or against nature as I didn’t see any jump cuts to suggest the crabs weren’t really blown up.

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Goggle V, Episode 22

I’ve been waiting for this episode to come around.


And when you find that Gwen Stefani girl, wrap her up and ship her out!

Kujaku Mozu, the peacock monster, can bring dolls to life using his special arrows.


I don’t like this new Green Arrow. Why can’t DC just leave their characters alone?

These dolls have been abandoned and therefore harbor ill feelings towards people. Deathdark decides to utilize this to terrorize the populace.


I’m telling you, clowns are scary!

Miki goes undercover, first as the Geisha Doll to get information out of the Clown Doll.


Let the fanservice begin!

After the team discovers the original doll and removes the arrow, Miki assumes the clown’s identity to gain access to the other dolls, where she learns of their whereabouts. Only French Doll refuses to reveal her location.


The only good clown is a dead clown.


Miki, why! Ten points deducted for dressing as a clown!

Turns out French Doll was separated from her prince, leading to Miki dressing as said prince to turn French Doll back to the side of good. This displeases Deathgiller, though, and he has French Doll turned back into a regular doll.


I’m no rocket scientist, but I’m guessing you just messed up big time, Deathgiller!

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Goggle V, Episode 21

Wow, after the last episode, this one is kind of a snoozer.

Deathdark has created Shirakansu Mozu, the coelacanth, a fish once thought dead for millions of years. Appropriately enough, the monster’s weapon is the ability to disgorge milk into lakes and rivers and create frozen fish sticks, I mean, fossilize all fish in the water. This is because man depends on fish and without them you’d no longer be able to teach a man to fish so that he could eat daily.

Shota is the son of a fish farmer. He helps his father breed salmon, which are then released into the wild to, potentially, breed with other salmon. Deathdark deems Shota’s father important and thus kidnaps him one night to breed the fish needed to test out their fossilizing milk. Why a group of evil scientists couldn’t do this themselves is never explained. Fortunately, the team has been staking out a commercial hatchery and finds their way into a fight with Deathgiller and company.

Didn’t catch many particularly funny captures in this episode, but I did catch Deathgiller channeling his inner Rosco P. Coltrane.


Say, Boss, once I catch them Goggle Fives, can I get a few of them frozen fish sticks?

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Goggle V, Episode 20

Meet Saboten Mozu, the cactus monster! He’s from Mexico and drinks tequila by the gallon!


A guitar wielding, tequila drinking cactus! Nothing wrong with that.

Let me stop right there. This is a cactus monster. A plant. For the past nineteen episodes, Deathdark has utilized animals in creating their monsters. This is the first plant themed monster. While it’s true that plants have genes just like animals, they’re a bit different. So I’m assuming the Super Proliferator Machine broke after creating this guy.

And his machine gun guitar.

And his tequila.

To combat this, the Future Science Laboratory contacts the aptly named Miss Saboten (literally Miss Cactus) from – wait for it – Mexico! Though a scientist, she’s a bit of a celebrity and is mobbed at the airport. Also there are Saburo and Yukari, two kids with a sick cactus.

Mazurka’s also there.


You know, I’d really like to see Mazurka’s origin story. She just doesn’t strike me as the villain type.

It seems Deathdark’s latest plot is to grow cacti that emit pollen that kills people, vaporizes them, then causes giant, impervious, cacti to grow in their place. No longer content with conquering Japan, they want to import Mexico to the Land of the Rising Sun.

Miss Saboten (who also prefers the more normal sounding Tereza) is promptly captured, but quickly saved.


Um, can someone get me out of this movie? I didn’t sign up for this!

Goggle Robo actually takes quite a beating in this episode and thus it takes a bit to finish off the Kong this week.

Oh, and before we close:


Let the fan service begin!

Quick note on the translation: The Portuguese subtitles kept referring to the Mozu as “Saboden”. I kept hearing the letter T so I did a quick check and the correct term is “Saboten” which is Japanese for cactus.

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Goggle V, Episode 19

An episode that ends up being like Scooby-Doo on acid.

A drunk goes to a haunted house and is attacked by Komori Mozu, Deathdark’s latest monster. Seems Deathdark has created a virus that completely freezes all muscles in the body save for the heart, though it’s never explained whether the lungs stop to, but anyone bitten by Komori Mozu doesn’t die.


If Batman had been created by the Japanese, he’d be pretty awesome!

Tatsuya goes to investigate as the drunk is really the father of his friend Ossamu.


If that’s not Mazurka in disguise, then I’ll eat my hat.


This is why I hate clowns!

After getting scared off, the team goes to investigate and gets into a fight with some trippy skeletons. Finding Ossamu’s father, they withdraw to the lab to see what’s going on.


Like, zoinks, the drugs are really kicking in now!


Like, where’s Kuroda? He’s usually good at this Black Shadow stuff!

It’s funny how in the past few episodes Deathgiller and Mazurka teleport back to Destopia right after the Mozu gets defeated so they can send out the Kong. You’d think Desmark would handle this, but he’s taken on the megalomaniac role and would rather stand around and gesticulate. Overall, a very entertaining episode.


And we would’ve gotten away with it to, if it weren’t for you damn kids!

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