Goggle V, Episode 17

A boy and his monster episode. Young Satoru’s family guards a special dish that belongs to the local Kappa, a sort of water demon that looks like a turtle. Satoru is obsessed with the Kappa and even uses it as his own personal logo. For reasons unknown, Deathdark has seized upon the Kappa to create their latest Mozu, however, something’s missing…


Say what! Ok, he didn’t really say that, but I made it sound better.

Whenever Kappa Mozu tosses a plate at someone, they to become a Kappa and have the uncontrollable urge to fight each other, something borrowed some thirty years later in Kingsman, just without the Kappa.


TurtleFest ’81 gets out of hand and the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are banished to the U.S.

The Kong returns in this episode and Deathgiller has taken over the position of flipping the switch from the dearly departed Iguana and Sazoryia. It takes the team a little extra beating to take care of this one.


Don’t you just hate when you’re in the middle of your giant robot fight and Gamera shows up?

I’m gonna admit, making sense of this episode was a pain, especially that line delivered by Desmark early in the episode. I know many have been commenting about the subs being off, but, as stated before, the point of this exercise is to put out a Goggle V that people can watch until something better comes along. I’m gonna keep on trucking on this and see it through to the end.


I feel ya, Akama. After some of the lines in this episode, my brain hurts to.

Note: I noticed an error while re-watching. If by chance you downloaded this episode already, I’m re-upping the fixed episode.

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Goggle V, Episode 16

In this first post resurrection of Desmark episode, the team is confronted by Patrick the Starfish, I mean Hitode Mozu, a giant starfish that leads an army of regular-sized starfish capable of draining any energy from objects, admittedly a better plot device than that used in the series Revolution.


Tired of always being defeated, Plankton merges with Patrick to create the monster Planktrick!

The entire subplot of the episode is that Akama must get an important case of blood to a hospital in order for an important operation to take place. Since Hitode Mozu can drain all power, the journey must take place on foot and without his power suit. Luckily, Kuroda figures that the Hitode Army is simply attracted to whatever is the most powerful energy source and thus devises a device that will turn them on Hitode himself.

Back at Destopia, General Deathgiller is a bit hesitant of Commander Desmark. It seems Deathgiller has a bit of a conscience as he’d never put a child’s life in danger.

Note: No Kong in this episode.


Remember, kids, smoking is bad!

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Goggle V, Episode 15

Things take a turn towards the darkness in this episode. Destopia is still headed towards the South Pole from the previous episode. It’s quickly revealed why as Destopia takes on a mysterious coffin bearing the name Desmark. It is the coffin of a great Deathdark leader. He awakes and orders that the life essence of a human be obtained to restore his strength.


Oh no, it’s Pharaoh Man from Mega Man IV and he doesn’t look happy!

Iguana and Zazorya go in search of the required essence. They spot Tatsuya in the park and set Hachi Mozu, the bee monster, on him. They drain his essence, which turns him into an old man. To save him, they must get his essence back.


I’ve seen this episode of Star Trek. We just have to scare the bejeezus out of him and he’ll turn young again.

This, however, doesn’t please Desmark and so he orders Iguana and Zazorya back into the field to drain the essence from all humanity. They fail miserably, of course, and things don’t look so well for them.


I’m thinking of going into emu farming after this. You in?

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Goggle V, Episode 14

Deathdark has created an angler fish monster capable of melting any ice, even if it’s below zero. Deathdark plans to create a giant lens that will amplify the beam emitted by Anko Mozu to melt the ice at the South Pole. This would have the affect of drowning the Earth and setting the plot to Waterworld into action. Dr. Iguana is sure it will succeed, but Führer Taboo is getting sick of their constant failure.


Yeah, usually is in a FREEZER!

Miki goes to meet the master lens maker, Kyotaro Kamiya, to polish her Pink Mirror to combat Anko Mozu, but is rebuffed and fights Deathdark. Kamiya’s daughter is kidnapped and the master is forced to polish Deathdark’s lens, which turns out to be a fake as Deathdark has the real lens.


Maybe she’ll give us a job at the Future Science Laboratory when Deathdark kicks us out!


Stop flapping your gums! Oh, wait!

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Goggle V, Episode 13

Another Kijima episode, just in time for Father’s Day in the United States.

Deathdark creates a catfish monster that lies on a bed and pitches a fit. This causes earthquakes which open up cracks in the ground that people feel compelled to jump into, presumably to their deaths.

While out investigating the earthquakes, Kijima meets a man wearing a necklace that is part of a necklace he himself wears. Only one person in the world has this necklace and that’s his father. The man turns out to be Kijima’s father, but he plays it off because he turns out to have been hired by Professor Hongo in the fight against Deathdark, and until that fight is finished, Kijima’s father must roam the world exploring caves.

Father and son share a tender moment at the end, Kijima telling his father to tell himself that he loves him.


Instead of counting on Kijima,  you should ask Kuroda why he’s messing with Miki’s hair.

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Goggle V, Episode 12

Kijima (Goggle Yellow) finally gets an episode. In this episode, Kijima befriends a young boy who is a habitual liar. The only ones who will believe the boy are his sister and her young friends. So it comes as no surprise that when the Mozu of the week, Arijigoku Mozu, begins popping up from the sand that no one believes him. Regardless, Mazurka doesn’t want the secret getting out and so kidnaps the boy and his sister. Kijima goes searching for them and is captured. Despite managing to escape once, Kijima is captured again and sent to the chair by Deathdark, but luckily the rest of the team shows up and saves him. In the end, no one thinks anything about the boy’s lying and join him in his attempts at getting a UFO to land.


Which he will use to beat those who don’t believe him about the UFO.

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Goggle V, Episode 11

Deathdark is trying to destroy Japan by setting off the volcanoes around Mount Fuji. Their thinking behind this is that it will incinerate the world.

Miki befriends a young boy that hangs out with the caretaker of the mountain. The local villages want to put the old man in a home and turn the mountain into a resort, but he knows better and keeps holding out. In the end, the leaders agree to build the old man a better house so he can guard the mountain, presumably passing the job on to the young boy.

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Goggle V, Episode 10

Kuroda once knew a guy who has become a famous scientist now that he’s combined the tomato plant with the roots of a potato. Turns out he’s accomplished this via a device that Deathdark lost that allows cell fusion. Kuroda’s friend doesn’t reveal this right away so Kuroda and the team stake out the lab to see if they can discover his secret.


Goggle V, Episode 09

Another Akama episode. Deathdark has discovered a poisonous mushroom that causes people to put on bad eye makeup and fight each other.


These should take care of that fat Italian plumber that’s been harassing my cousin.

Akama ends up in a village hidden in the mountains of Japan that’s stuck in the Edo period, complete with samurai. It turns out the Mozu of the week is masquerading as the village master and forcing the people to harvest the poisonous mushroom. However, the young boy, Sasuke, discovers this and tries to escape. The team dons disguises and infiltrates the village and, after a fight with Bagu Mozu, saves the village and leaves them to continue their lives while taking Sasuke to live in the outside world.

Note: This takes place after the Goggle V movie, as evidenced by Dr. Iguana’s more detailed makeup.


Goggle V, Episode 08

An Aoyama (Goggle Blue) episode. An earthquake strikes off the coast of Japan (one not caused by Deathdark) and a tsunami is predicted to strike the east coast. Luckily, the Americans have invented a machine that will stop the tsunami and have sent the inventor, Dr. Sally, to help. However, Deathdark has gotten wind of the operation and seeks the plans for their own purposes. Interpol has gotten wind of Deathdark’s plans and it turns out Dr. Sally isn’t even Dr. Sally. By now, Aoyama has fallen for the good doctor and puts himself in danger to save her. In end, Deathdark is defeated, the machine is built and the tsunami is stopped. Aoyama watches in sadness as the woman he loves goes back to her job as an undercover Interpol agent.

Notes on the translation: The poorly translated source shows Dr. Sally’s name as Cellier, though it’s obvious by the dialog when Aoyama speaks clear English and the Portuguese source that the name is Sally. I’ve retained this here.